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Our “remote control” electric jockey wheel, the “TUG V4”, is a simple, reliable, safe, and cost-effective way to assist in maneuvering your caravan or trailer into and out of difficult storage locations.

Who we are

The original TUG was designed and created in 2010 by Engineer, Barry Kramer for his own personal use and that of friends and family.  His motivation was to prevent back, neck, and muscle injury that can occur when trying to physically move a heavy caravan into areas a tow vehicle cannot access.  The TUG attracted interest beyond his circle of friends and family and demand started to rise.  Barry started to promote the TUG and market his product across the country.

Since its inception the TUG has undergone improvements to become what it is today, the fourth generation, TUG V4.

We are proudly a West Australian owned and operated company.  The TUG V4 is made in our factory using locally sourced and imported components.  Each TUG V4 is individually built and rigorously tested before leaving our factory.

We have such confidence in our product we are the only company in the world to offer a 10 year warranty on a caravan mover.

Field tested to move 3500kgs

There are many caravan movers on the market, however, we consider the TUG V4 to be the world’s best electric jockey wheel.  We are the only electric jockey wheel manufacturer to display the Australian Made and Owned Logo.

Proudly Australian Made

Caravan Mover advantages over our competitors

Made for your every needs


Maybe you would like to be able to position your caravan with the A bar away from the road, making it more secure. Position your caravan with the A Bar away from the road, making it more secure.

Difficult Driveways

Perfect for maneuvering boat trailers into difficult locations. The TUG V4 has the unique handle making it easy to look down either side of the trailer whilst operating.

Big or Small

You may have a smaller trailer that just needs to go into a location that a tow vehicle cannot access. Large or small trailers the TUG V4 makes the job easy.

Why Choose our Best Caravan Mover

Easy to maneuver your caravan or trailer
No more strained backs, muscle damage
Small and compact enough to take with you
Less chance of damage to caravan or trailer
Easy Installation, Sets up in minutes
Manufactured in Australia

For the latest news of caravan movers contact us, and we guarantee quality services.

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Our Tug V4 allows you to maneuver your caravan in confined spaces a tow vehicle cannot get to. Easy to park in the front yard driveway, showroom or caravan park.

Easily Move anything


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