Why our customers pick the Tug V4

Hello Kim,

Just a quick message to say the TUG arrived a day early and was put to work today moving a 2.3 tonne twin axle caravan. The TUG needed to turn the Caravan on a dime in a very tight circle it performed brilliantly – It is the best Caravan Mover on the market and at the best price point – I support what you say on your website 100%

It is robust simple to mount and use and easy to maintain. I spent 26 years in Armoured Corp around Tanks and armoured personnel carriers most of my adult life. This little piece of equipment is so well engineered it fits so much punch into a small package, well done you smart “Western Australians” so proud to see Australian ingenuity alive and well.

Toby Dean

Thursday, 30 August 2018 1:43 PM


Friday, 23 October 2015

I purchased this TUG after a google search for an electric powered jockey wheel which showed a variety of options with price tags beyond my budget and appeared to be very finicky with plastic covers and not robust enough for what I was looking for. The TUG sat firmly with-in my budget and was manufactured locally in Perth at Malaga with the invitation to come see one in operation at the factory. My first meeting with Barry Kramer quickly told me this guy knows a thing or two about engineering and it showed in the way the TUG was put together. The real test however was when I attached it to our twin axle 3100plus Kg van and manoeuvred it around our very tight front yard, which the TUG did with ease.

One small concern on that first tight manoeuvre was the single attaching clamp, the back plate seemed to flex some and I spoke with Barry about my concerns. No problem, a double clamp with a thicker back plate will fix that he said and true enough, bullet proof.

My TUG has done a power of work, both at home when parking for packing and unpacking the van and at the storage location where again a tight turn and a little uphill slope is encountered. The TUG just makes that parking so easy. From my experience, I can highly recommend a TUG to anyone wanting to manoeuvre a trailer or boat or caravan to a parking spot not possible or at least very difficult with the towing vehicle.

Icing on the cake, Barry has just upgraded my TUG to the latest wireless control, Not only the upgrade but a wash as well ….. how good is that?? Just the service that Barry provides I believe, which is very reassuring for a long life from his product. Thank you to Barry and Kim, who I had the pleasure of meeting just today, for your great product and wonderful back-up service and advice.

’Day Kim

Tug number 200 came superbly packed this afternoon thank you. I’m very impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail –  I’m so glad I didn’t opt for one of those cheap things on the internet and instead spent the extra to get a quality engineering,

Best of luck with the business.



Hi Kim,

Thank you very much for your time and patience in sorting out the problem with my TUG V4. Not sure that anyone else would’ve fixed it the same day either. And, as we found out there wasn’t any problem with the TUG. It was my jump starter kit that has the fault. As they say, don’t holler for a marshall holler for a Kramer.

Thanks very much, I appreciate your time and efforts.

Hi Kim,

Just to let you know that I am really impressed with the Tug V4. It does the job perfectly and effortlessly plugged straight to the van battery via the Anderson plug.

Alan B.

Leigh and Helen

Hi Kim and the Crew at Best Caravan Mover.

Thank you so much for your amazing personal and efficient service and your incredibly fast delivery.   We really appreciated your taking into account our circumstances and availability for delivery. Unbelievable that you were able to dispatch out mover in Perth on Friday and for us to receive the delivery on Monday in Melbourne (and packed incredibly well). We have fitted it to the van and it has served the purpose beautifully, it chugged away enabling us to get our van under the carport roller door with great ease, without ruining ourselves.  Loved the versatility of the steering handle.

Thanks so much,

“I recently purchased a V4 Tug it is the best addition to my caravan setup, I just unhitch at the front of the house after we have been away in the van put the Tug on and drive the caravan into the carport. I was impressed at the high standard the Tug was made to even down to delivery boxing. I highly recommend this outstanding product to anybody who is in the market looking to purchase a caravan mover.”

Regards, Andrew


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