Latest Version Caravan Mover Tug Powerwheel V4

A simple, reliable, safe and cost-effective way to maneuver your caravan or trailer in confined spaces a tow vehicle cannot get to. A front yard, driveway, showroom or caravan park. Maybe you just like the security of parking your caravan or trailer with the A bar away from the road

Price: $1999.00

Move your caravan with ease, with remote control caravan movers. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to move your van using the Tug V4 caravan mover. Whether squeezing into a tight spot at home, or maneuvering effortlessly around a caravan park, just engage the drives and you have total push-button control.

Why Choose TUG V4

Easy to maneuver your caravan or trailer

Less chance of damage to caravan or trailer

No more strained backs, muscle damage

Easy Installation, Sets up in minutes

Small and compact enough to take with you

Manufactured in Australia

Best Caravan Mover Accessories

These are the only accessories we have available and must be purchased in conjunction with a TUG V4

Tow Ball Mount
Double Clamps
Side Winder

Tow Ball Mount

This is perfect for all trailers with a fixed 50mm ball hitch. Originally made for those trailers with limited room on the A bar for a chassis clamp.

Very useful to mount the TUG V4 to be able to move multiple trailers, without the need to individual chassis clamps.

Double Clamps

These are required for tandem axle trailers to prevent stressing of the chassis when turning with the TUG V4.They are custom made in our factory to suit your trailer chassis for a perfect fit.

Side Winder Option

A side winder option is also available in lieu of our standard top winder. This will assist with space saving when there is limited overhead clearance.

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