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Yes, due to its lightweight and compact size it is easily stored and very handy to use in caravan parks.

It will run for as long as the battery can power it. The better quality of battery and the larger the capacity the further it can go.

As an electric motor, it draws as much as is required to move the load of the van/trailer.

A 12V DC supply which can come from either your caravan house battery (if suitable), a jump starter, a 12V DC car or similar battery.

In our factory, in Gnangara, Western Australia, from components sourced locally and overseas.

For 10 years.

Using a standard jockey wheel mount.

Yes, it can also move any trailer into a difficult spot.

Yes, for forward and reverse motion, with a tiller for steering.

Due to the inflatable tyre in most cases, as long as the ground is firm, it will work on grass or gravel.

Total weight 19kgs.

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